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The Challenge

OmniSure needed an updated web presence that communicated their innovative offering. Professional liability insurance is no longer a set-it-and-forget-it offering. Healthcare professionals are looking for services that can not only protect their license, but help them improve the care they provide. OmniSure offers top-of-the-line value-added services like on-demand advice, risk management tools, and a wide variety of propriety assessments, but their website lacked clear value communication. With the new website and marketing strategy, we needed to show carriers and policyholders alike that OmniSure is an innovative, expert leader in healthcare risk management.

What We Did

Website Design and Development
Social Media Marketing
Brand Strategy
Content Development

The Method

We conducted extensive research on the needs of policyholders and the carriers that build policies. The results demonstrated that the value proposition had to be clear and the information easy to find. Furthermore, OmniSure had to break the mold of risk management. They needed a website and content strategy that matched their depth of expertise and encyclopedic knowledge in clinical settings. We set out to build a website that not only discussed their expertise, but showcased it on center stage.

The Work

The new OmniSure website was outfitted with a modern interface and immersive animation to communicate their cutting edge position in risk management. An intricately managed and filtered resource library was added to capitalize on their industry and clinical knowledge while allowing users to quickly find useful and relevant resources. Finally, we automated their lead process and streamlined the proposal process for their team by integrating several conversion points for potential clients.


The Results

The new website design and functionality led to a 200% increase in sessions month over month along with a 250% increase in session duration indicating that there were not only more users coming to the site, but once they made it there, they remained engaged and interested in the website content. Traffic from organic search in particular jumped by 78% in one month indicating that not only was this website well-built from a user perspective, but it also performed well with search engine ranking algorithms. Two months in, the website continues to receive steady interest and conversions from carriers and program managers which represents millions of potential dollars in revenue.

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